Dog Walking

Dog walking is our most popular service! At our competitive $17 rate, your dog's 20-30 minute (depending on weather factors, and your dog's cooperation) walk comes at a great value. Need a longer or shorter walk? Let us know. Our prices are flexible, and we are always happy to cater to your needs.


Cat Checks

Going out of town for the day, or the weekend, or the month? Schedule check-ins for your feline friends with us for just $12 a visit! Do you have a particularly needy kitty? No trouble. for just $5 more we'll hang out with it for 30 minutes! Probably more if it lays down in my lap, as I wouldn't dare disturb that. Either way, feeding and scooping the litter box are included!


Non-Typical Pets

We accept all (legal) pets as customers! Simply get in touch, explain your animals' needs, and we'll get you a quote!


Puppy Potty Breaks

Just got a new baby but your work hours or personal life keep you from checking on it as often as you'd like? No worries! We're here to come let your pup out multiple times a day (and change their pee pads) to ensure there are no accidents. 2 potty breaks a day for $17, add a third if needed for an additional $12!


Medical Dosing

Insulin injections, pilling, oral medication administration: no problem. Add medication dosage to any other service for $5. Just need help administering? $12 total including the visit and time.

House Sitting

We also provideo in-home pet care for longer-term trips at a rate of $55 per night. Our most suited available caretaker will stay at home with your pet and provide food, attention, and walks while you're away. This includes an afternoon walk, evening walk, and morning walk!

Additional Fees

Any walks needed outside of typical hours (9 am - 5 pm), on weekends, or on holidays are subject to an additional fee of $2-$5, depending on your needs!